Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Isaac is doing very well. He says that he most definitely feels as though he's had 4 organs removed but so far his pain has been kept pretty well controlled and his blood sugar has been stellar. On a pain scale from 0-10 he seems to hang out between a 4-6 range. Not too bad considering. He's been up and walking and is impressing the medical staff at how quickly he's recovering as well as how well his pain is controlled. He's still very weak but gaining strength daily. He currently has a J-tube for tube feeding and a G-tube for drainage. This surgeon is not open to him eating anytime soon which is very different than what we experienced with Tasia. I choose to trust his expertise and pray for the wisdom of Heaven to be given to him so that he will do the best thing for Isaac, even if it's not his normal protocol. We have been very blessed so far with great nurses and staff - we all know how nice that is.

The crazy thing to all of this is that the doctors here kept telling me since March not to expect Isaac to have as good of a recovery as Tasia. They said it just wouldn't happen. But I never lost hope that what God would do for one he would do for another and boy is that the case. So far Isaac not only is doing as good as Ta' but he's actually had an easier time!! His pain has been better managed and he's been able to move around easier!!

God is just so good to us!

I am so relieved to have the most stressful part behind us and start moving on to our future. I want to say the biggest thank you to our amazing employers who have been SO amazing to us through all of this. The Chief even flew all the way from CO yesterday just to see Isaac and check on him. How amazing is that?! My work,as well, has been so supportive and I just cannot say enough about what a great company I work for.

Well I will close for now and update as I know more. Please pray for a good night for Isaac tonight - one of little pain and lots of sleep.