Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 10 - There's no place like faux home...

Well here we are at day 10 and I am sitting at my work desk staring out at a stormy sky thanking God that my ENTIRE family is asleep all around me.  Isaac got discharged from the hospital last night around 7:30pm and we are so very thankful for that!! For any of you not familiar with this surgery coming home has it's own stress.  It's a good happy stress because he's outta that place but it's the "Home Care Scramble" as I like to refer to it. LOTS AND LOTS of meds and schedules. LANTIS and TUBE FEEDS AND BOWEL MEDS - OH MY!!  He is on 24 hour tube feeding until the doc gives us the green light to start on clear liquids.  This doc is very set in his ways about tube feeding strictly for weeks and then proceeding to food but as we've seen with Tasia, doing things differently has great outcomes. So please pray with us that he will have an open heart to let Isaac start eating soon, as he is ravenous!

I was up with the birds this morning trying to get some work done so that I can take Isaac to his first clinic appointment. I work remotely from a laptop while away from CO - and yes I work for a really awesome company!! Technology is my friend and I am so very thankful that I have the type of job that is able to be done by email, webcams, ipads etc.  God has blessed us in EVERY area. Shout out to my co-workers that read this... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I will wrap this up now and give you a more detailed report of what is going on later today.  I love you all and thank you for your prayers!

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