Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Isaac,

I know you won't read this for quite a while but I had to let you know how absolutely amazing I think you are. Your bravery is beyond measure and your heart is gold. The fact that your first words out of surgery were to tell the staff to relay a message of your love for us was so beautiful. It's just like you to think of us before yourself even after such a major surgery! It's just so like you and yet after all these years your love still amazes me. The fact that you smile at your nurses and call them sir and ma'am is a prime example of the type of man you are. The type of man I admire so greatly. I loved that as soon as you saw me you made a joke and said "The ceiling is dripping yellow" because it made me know instantly that you were okay. You still are full of that humor I fell in love with. Even your surgeon commented and said what an awesome, beautiful man you are. The fact is, you are beautiful and your heart shows in everything you do - even through surgery. I'm still so amazed that you don't have pancreatitis. Its jaw dropping to me. I just can't even believe it.

I get to have you for the rest of my life!!!

I didn't know if we would ever grow old together. I didn't know if you would see your children get married someday or see your grandchildren play at your feet. We have such a beautiful gift - A new chance at a beautiful life together. I can't think of a better day for all of this to happen than today - 14 years to the day after you came into my life. And today I get you again but this time for good! I love today! I love you! I love God for giving you back to me!!!