Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our prayer - Surgery Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow is surgery day. Pre-Op starts at 5:30am and surgery begins at 7am and will last anywhere from 10-14 hours. Thank you all for your fervent prayers.

We are praying for a smooth surgery with no complications, that his pancreas and any other organs being removed come out easily with very little bleeding. We pray for a high yield of islet cells even when the medical team is telling us not to get our hopes up - we have our hope set on the Greater One. We pray that the islets graft well! We ask that God would be guiding the surgeons hands and that every move that he and his team would be led with the wisdom of Heaven. We pray for sweet sleep for the whole surgical team so that they will be well rested to do their best surgery yet. We pray that the pain and nausea would be quickly controlled and that our family would have a peace that passes understanding through it all.

Thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus!