Friday, April 13, 2012

Three Weeks Post Op

Wow... this week has gone by so fast. I started working remotely from MN since we are now at RMDH and I have some time in my days. It's made this week fly by.  Between catching up on being away from work and Tasia's clinic appointments - we are busy!  Tasia is still doing wonderfully.  We have our hard moments but they are mostly from low blood sugar right now.  Her little islet cells are kicking in and working so well already that we can't drop her insulin quick enough. We left the hospital on twenty some units of the long lasting insulin and we are officially at 3 units as of today and have cut out meal coverage. We've had a hard time keeping her blood sugar above the mid 50's! Her little islet cells are ready to start doing their job and are making us work hard to drop the insulin at the right time.  When Tasia has low blood sugar she gets terrible nauseous and throws up.  It makes her feel awful. It seems like we go through that every couple days. Every time we drop her insulin she does great the next day and then those islets cells jump in and match the work and we have to drop again the next day. No complaints though! She's gonna be off insulin in no time. Praise God!

We  met with the pain team this week and they said if we want to start reducing her pain meds we could but not to go too fast. We tried a bit last night and it made for a rough night with a lot of pain- this is something we are not used to at all as we have kept her pain under control very well. So I think we will keep her pain meds every three hours for a few more days and then spread them to 4 hours apart and see how that goes.  They told me not to be in any rush to get her off the pain meds because there's no reason to up the amount of her pain if we can control it. I totally agree.

We are going to have our last few clinic appointments next week as well as have her G tube removed on Thursday.  We will wait one more week just to be extra safe before returning home the last week of April.  It's such a blessing to have her healthy enough to return home to heal but it's really expensive to be having to travel home and then turn around in three weeks and come back again. But I'm not going to complain  - I am just happy she is well enough to go home for a few weeks. We have to be back by the last week of May for Isaac's surgery.  I can't believe we will be repeating this whole thing again but I am thankful we will have it all behind us soon.  I am praying that Isaac handles it so well like Tasia's body did.  I know that God was 100% behind her great experience. We will continue to put our trust in God because I know that he will never let us down.  We are depending 100% on Him for our strenght right now.  He is so very good and faithful!

That we can control Tasia's nausea until we reduce her insulin. (Although I can't complain that we are having to drop it so quickly!!)
That she has a peaceful sleep without pain.
That as we reduce her pain meds over the next few weeks that it goes smoothly.
That Isaac's body is strong and healthy before his surgery and that he will have peace that passes understanding over him as he patiently waits for his big day.