Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post OP Day 12

Tasia's GJ tube (feeding and drain) have been leaking terribly. This means she is not getting all her food or meds. Not good. Today they decided to do an X-ray to see what was wrong with it.  Talk about a traumatic event!  They said X-ray but that was the least of it. The doc doing the xray found that the GJ tube was too far in her gut blocking the duodenum and that it needed to be pulled out a ways.  Tasia can't even tolerate having this tubed touched and he decided to hold her down and pull it out.... he pulled and pulled, she screamed and screamed and I cried for him to stop. When he finally did - he told me that the tube was stitched in!

OH MY GOSH!  It took me 20 minutes to calm her down and stop her crying. What a traumatic event.  I told them they cannot touch it without putting her under. They are taking her to the OR later this afternoon to move the GJ tube out further and stop the leaking. She will be totally asleep and trauma will be avoided.  A friend of mine (with a little girl up her on ped's that is having the same surgery tomorrow)  had the brilliant idea of removing the staples while she is under to save her the trauma.  The surgeon said he wanted them out today anyways.... so brilliant!

In the midst of all of that we got a visit from Beth and her kiddos.  Beth's daughter El, had the surgery a few years back and they stopped by to say hello.  They brought happiness with them!  It was just what Tasia needed to get her mind off of the trauma she had just suffered. El and her had a great time hanging out together.

I also met a sweet family from Arkansas who's 4 year old is having the surgery tomorrow.  We've been able to talk and share our stories. I hope that seeing Tasia they are able to have some peace about the surgery. Please say a prayer for Ella and her parents tomorrow as we know how tough it is to go through all this.  We serve a BIG God and I know He will see them through too.


That the surgeon is able to adjust (or remove) Tasia's GJ tube just perfectly so that it serves her just perfectly.

That she is not traumatized by this event and the peace that passes all understanding washes over us.

That the staples come out well.

That pain stays under control.


If all goes as planned... they plan to release Ta' from the hospital on Thursday or Friday!  This is 3 weeks early!!! We will still have to stay at the RMDH but that is just plain HAPPY NEWS!