Sunday, April 1, 2012

Post OP Day 9

Today was another beautiful day. Tasia did so well with physical and occupational therapy that they graduated her 3 days early and now she doesn't have to do them anymore.  She also ate a full plate of penne pasta with red and white sauce for dinner and it set beautifully.   Again, this is absolutly remarkable to be eating this soon after surgery and it also setting well!  God's getting the glory here! Her blood sugar was low 2x today and she had to drink a pop once and eat icecream another time to bring it up. She wasn't complaining! I'm sure we'll be lowering her insulin tomorrow since her body is working so well.  So did you catch all that?  Pasta, pop and icecream! This mama is happy dancing!

Tasia was also able to sit on my lap for the first time today. This was something she was looking so forward to and it was super special snuggle time.

We also got 2 happy visits today from our Minneapolis friends Rachel and Kristen. It was great to see both of them and I'm so glad to have great friends close! And of course they spoiled Tasia :)

We also got that room I was praying for! The ADOPT-A-ROOM.  It's amazing!  It has 3 flat screen tvs, one that is a 52 inch, a Wii, a bedside touch screen computer, a reg computer, color changing mood lights, a huge picture window with the skyscrapers of downtown right out our window. And the best part of all is that we have a mac daddy webcam to chat with the boys on the big screen... it will almost be like having them here!  I asked God for this but told him it was a want and not a need, so I would totally "get it" if it didn't happen.  But today the charge nurse came and said to me, "This is against our rules, but how would you like to move to an ADOPT-A-ROOM!?! More than enough... that's all I have to say 'bout that!

We also found out that one of Tasia's doctors (the one the got her pain under control) is a spirit filled Christian! After she saw our church website on the big screen in Tasia's room she said that she's wanted to tell me since we've gotten here that there is no doubt that God's healing is all over Tasia and that is the reason she is doing so good! She said she's had other kids have this same surgery with way more pain and long recovery and with Tasia that is not the case! A higher power is most definitely at work and she said her job was only a tiny part of the big picture. Thank you Jesus!!! This beautiful doctor goes to Mac Hammonds church. Lol! Small world and BIG GOD!!!

We are happy girls!!  Tomorrow we get to have another lovely visit from the Stecklers (another family that has gone through this with one child and will be going through it again for their son). It will be wonderful to meet the amazing Beth face to face. I will hug her for all of you cranky panks out there.

I am also meeting with a family who's 4 year old is going through this surgery this week. They are scared and have a ton of questions. I am happy to be a comfort to them through this and let Tasia be a testiment of how good it can be.

Thanks for all your continued prayers. Although we are through the roughest spot for Tasia, there is still a lot of healing going on.

-Prayer Requests-

That her GJ tube quits leaking so much, as it's leaking stomach acid and burning her tender skin.

That the "popping feeling" in her ribs goes away.

That her body continues to flourish and thrive with every meal she eats.

That her stomach would empty at the proper time God intended it to.  (This is frequently a slow process after this surgery - but it's not too big for God.)

That my boys are comforted while we are apart. We've got about another month and a half and then Isaac is going to move them out here to stay with us at RMDH until we come home to CO. I can't wait to kiss their faces!


Tasia is currently plotting (with her favorite nurse Brittney) to play an April fools prank on her favorite night nurse Andrew.  They are mixing up a fake vomit with pudding and applesauce and other nasty and she is gonna surprise Andrew with it tonight.  Needless to say, she's having a pretty good time!

Nighty Night dear readers.  Your prayers for sweet sleep are working as I woke up to our GI doc starring down at me asking if I was gonna come to rounds. I almost screamed! But instead I jumped up and ran to rounds in my jammie pants. Hey they aren't much different than scrubs, right?