Friday, April 20, 2012

Girls Day Out

Tasia and I have felt pretty claustrophobic the last week knowing that our time to go home was right around the corner. The apartment has seemed smaller and darker and it made me realize we needed to get out. So today we ventured to the movie theater and saw Mirror Mirror together. It seemed so perfect because we have always watched Snow White together every single time she's been hospitalized for pancreatitis so what better way to seal the deal than to see the remake of it as one of our last memories of this time in her life. It was just perfect. We even ate hot dogs and nachos and of course washed it down with a big Coke 0. The junk food tasted great - take that pancreas!!!

Afterwards we went and shopped around until she found the perfect "going home dress". A very special person in Tasia's life sent her some $$ and told us to buy her and I something lovely with it and Tasia chose dresses to see her family in for our homecoming. Sigh... She's a girl after my own heart.

We finished the day with her favorite Minnesota drink, a sugar free caribou coffee. Yes, I know she's only 9. I also know there are no caribou coffees near us so it's a MN treat ;)

We came back to the apartment and finished the evening catching up on our favorite family time show Modern Family and we ate pizza too (take that pancreas - ha ha).

I am so thankful for such a beautiful day with my most favorite girl in the world. She's so fun to spend time with and I cherish my relationship with her.