Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 9 - Part one

I'm not sure how I missed posting on day 8 and slowly but surely the days are starting to run together. I've gotten a bunch of work done via laptop yesterday and today and even had phone conferences as well. It seems weird to be off of work (a job I love) for awhile but this is my calling right now. I miss work and miss my friends and most of all I miss my family. But I know work and the people dear to my heart will always be there.

Love you all and thank you for keeping us lifted up in prayer. And thank to to those who are honoring Tasia by sending donations and gifts. You are all so, so dear to my heart.


PS. We picked up Nana at the airport last night!! Thankful and happy that Nana is here to be with us during this time <3