Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 7 - part two

Tonight I met another new friend Rachel. She is in med school here at the U of M and had the same surgery as Isaac and Tasia back in August. Rachel has NO PAIN and feels totally normal. Eeeeee! That makes me so happy. Rachel is an amazing woman and the medical industry is very lucky to have her. She's the kind of doctor I would want. She's smart and beautiful and loves God with all her heart. She's also been through a serious chronic illness so she knows what it's like to suffer. Could there be a more perfect doctor? No way! Go Rachel!

Rachel and I found each other through a pancreas support group and just began messaging each other on FB this weekend. She saw that I was wanting to go to church tonight and immediately offered to come pick us girls up and take us. We hit it off amazingly just like Kristen and I did. God is so good to bring me friends so far from home. I didn't get a picture with Rachel but I will sometime while we are in MN.

Tonight was so powerful at church. Awesome word came forth from our family friends Mark and Trina Hankins. They laid hands on Tasia and I both and prayed for a long time for us. The power of God was so strong in that room that it was THICK and tangible. I feel even stronger than I did before. I knew that I needed to be in church tonight for a reason. Having Mark an Trina were like a little bit of home and it was wonderful to see them.

On a totally different note- I miss my boys more than words can convey. It's not right for a family to be apart. Stay strong boys. I love you three!

I have lots more to say but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think I will just rest and meditate on the Word and the power of tonight.

Once again - Thanks be unto God who ALWAYS cause us to triumph through Christ Jesus!