Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 7 - God is in the ghetto

I told you all that you would get the honest to goodness truth and reality of what we are going through. So I showed you some of the pleasantries yesterday of a friend and the zoo... Below is a picture of what our hotel is around the corner from... The locals call it "Ghetto In The Sky." Um wow. I don't even want to think about what goes on in a place like that. Although our hotel has the nicest staff and I'm feeling safe inside the walls of this place. Our favorite shuttle driver Michael has arranged for transportation to a church where our long time family friends are preaching. It will be so nice to see Mark and Trina!

Michael and the manager also set up a system for us to do our laundry here in the hotel - this is great cuz we did it in the bathtub last night and our whole room has laundry strung around drying everywhere. I'm choosing to look on the happy side... At least Tasia is learning how to be resourceful! Also the manager brought us a fridge - happy! Michael said when he's the driver on duty he'd be happy to drive me to Target too! Thank you Lord! All my prayers are getting answered. Now we just need to get into RMH and we will be even more happy, as staying in a hotel is way too expensive - even one around the corner from the ghetto. Lol! I know God is into details so He will make a way.

Anyways - even though we are around the corner from the ghetto and it's not the ideal situation... God is most definitely here in the midst of it all.