Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 5

Today was a day where we did our best to keep our minds off the fact that we are in fact, here alone. I hated seeing Isaac go but we have 3 children and the boys need a parent to be there with them too. And since this was very much a surprise to us that this was being done so soon we took a look at our suitcase of 5 days worth of dirty clothes and realized we not only need a laundry mat (or even better the RMD House) but we need some practicable things like some jammie's and sweats for Tasia after surgery, pajamas for me (believe it or not they expect you to me modest as the hospital), toiletries and undergarments. I'm happy that I brought tennis shoes and flip flops cuz the stilettos will be retired now for a good long time. Anyways, would you believe that the largest mall in America doesn't have a Target?! I was in shock! So I still need to find a few things by that'll happen when it happens. For now I am at least prepared for a week in the PICU.
In other news Tasia had a severe bought of pain riding the Light rail today and it just sealed the deal in my mind that we are doing the right thing.

We are absolutely exhausted because we walked miles and miles today. I'm pretty good at getting lost in general and at THAT mall, well let's just say we made a lot of circles.

Tomorrow we are meeting my friend Kristen who is having this same surgery in May. We've never actually met face to face but tomorrow is the day. We are gonna take Ta' and her little boy to the zoo. I'm so thankful to find a friend close by! Kristen is wonderful and she knows what it's like to deal with this sickness.

Well I think I'll close for now and get some sleep. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. You bless my heart!