Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 17 in MN - Day 6 Post Op

Today was much better than yesterday! Since Tasia was doing so good they had the idea to "fast track" her on getting her down on pain meds. Not such a good idea. We had a terrible day yesterday and a pain filled night until I finally had enough and asked that one of the residents come fix the pain med issue until we could see the pain team today.  It's so hard because on one hand you have to let them, as doctors, try what they think is best but on the other hand you can't let them do something your child is not ready for. So we went back to the PCA and she is on a continuous drip of pain meds plus all the bumbs of pain meds she could need.  Today was happy!

We also found out that she is now approved to start subQ insulin and get off the iv insulin which means TRANSPLANT FLOOR TOMORROW! Holla!  She will now get to have her blood sugar tested every 4 hours instead of every hour. Her purple bruised fingers thank the docs for this one. And at this point she only needs insuline 2x a day and we will adjust from their. Dr B is very confident that her little islet cells are gonna rock it! It will be great to move to this new floor as it will be Tasia and my home for the next month or so and at least between that and RMDH we can be settled. We are praying for an "adopted room" - I'll tell you all about that in another post though ;)

She had a liver ultrasound today as well and they said that her liver looked perfect and that it wasn't having any complications since the transplant. Thank you Father!

Tonight we gave her a little sponge bath, changed her clothes and then she decided she wanted to see the gift shop. So with lot's of "bumps" (pain meds) and little breaks she walked all the way to the lobby.  Let me just say the everyone was amazed by this. Daddy even bought her a new stuffed puppy dog for all the hard work.  I told her at one point she could just stop at the end of the hallway and we could try for the gift shop tomorrow but she said, "I don't ever give up!"  And that my friends is so true.  She doesn't give up!  Isaac gave her a ride in the wheel chair all the way back up stairs because there was no way her little legs could carry her any farther.

Tomorrow we get moved to the floor and she couldn't be more excited. She still has a long road of recovery but her road so far has been one to amaze us all and we give that credit to God.

She keeps saying, "I just want to hug you Mama".  This was our first official hug as she's hurt too much to bend towards me until today. VERY SPECIAL MOMENT!

-Prayer Requests-

That her body adjusts to subQ insulin easily and that we can start weening her down to less and less and within 6 months or less to none.

That the pain continues to be controlled.

That her GJ tube stops hurting - it's terribly sensitive to every tiny touch and bothers her a ton.

That she has peaceful sleep (and Mom and Dad too)

That her body and muscles grow stronger to help her move with ease.

That everything inside of her - cells, organs, blood, tissues etc be normal with no complications and heal supernaturally fast by the power of God.