Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 16 in MN - Day 5 Post Op

Well hello there... Today was rough. I can't lie. Tasia's belly was just plain sore today and it made it hard to move. But there are just gonna be tough days sometimes. She got almost all the bandages removed and that in itself was very tough. It hurts to have all that pulled off and then she also saw just exactly what her incision looks like. It's about 8 inches long with lots of staples. That's tough for a kid to see on themselves! She said, "It looks like I've been cut in half". Sad. I told her that although it's big it has given her a life without pancreatitis and that it will heal to a simple skinny long line and won't look bad at all. I was nervous for her to see it but she handled it like the little champ she is. They make them that big on children so they can do an excellent job and see very well.

She also got another set of tubes removed (she had about 7 different ones after surgery). Her fingers have been pricked so many times for blood sugar that they are bruised purple. Glad that the testing supplies for after the hospital are more gentle.

 Physical therapy was less than fun. It made for a rough day for her and it made for a long day for Isaac and I.  So you can see that with all this going on - it was just plain rough.

 But on a very happy note she's looking great! You can tell just by her coloring that she is healing. And her blood sugar was well in control today and her fever broke. Yay! Doctor C was thrilled when he saw her. Yesterday he said she was ahead of the curve in regards to recover and today he said she is way ahead of the curve!  He said she is doing absolutely awesome.  Love hearing those things.  I'm always excited to see God wow doctors.  I kinda get a kick out of watching mouths drop open.  He also said not to be discouraged because it's very very normal to have days like this and in comparison to what could be this is very wonderful. Hot dog! I'll take that!

As of tonight she's feeling a little bit better and she's all tucked in bed. I am not going to be discouraged by a rough day, there may be many more of those... but I will tell her and myself that we are one more day closer towards full recovery and that is worth the fight.

-Prayer Requests-

For long lasting pain control and that her new pain regimen will work better.
That her blood sugar will stay regulated and her islet cells will flourish in her liver.
That her food will continue to do nothing but bless her body and nausea will be and stay controlled.
For wisdom for her doctors.
For continued top notch nursing staff that are well trained, competent and compassionate.
That her body will continue to heal in every area quickly and correctly.
That her muscles will grow stronger everyday so that she can move easier and walk stronger.
For peaceful sleep.