Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 18 in MN - Day 7 Post OP

Oh where do I begin?  I'm tempted to just skip the day blogging as I'm tired and I don't want to complain.  So instead of just venting I will list the pro's and prayers list.

- Today Tasia got moved from the PICU to the transplant floor. YEAH! Happy!
- We got an excellent nurse on the new floor. Wish we could keep her.
- Tasia new room is huge with a giant flat screen, picture window, dvd player, fridge etc. NICE!
- She's officially on Subq insulin.

- Isaac had to go back home today. I would say that goodbye was hard but his taxi got here while TA was getting a big nasty drain. I won't even go into that. Sad :(
- I pray that we will get a better response from the team of doctors to control her pain better. I have run into some real issues in this area. The seem to keep her just below the line of pain control and today it got way out of hand again.  We even had a nasty nurse last night just dosed her heavily with a sedative instead of pain meds. Yeah, real smart lady, maker her sleep through it. GRRRR. I pray for wisdom for all medical staff involved to get her to the perfect med amounts to control the pain and assist in her recovery.

- I pray for patience for myself as I want to let the docs do what they think is best but more than that I pray for a strong sense of favor with the medial staff so that they will listen to what my daughter needs instead of just trying to see how fast they can push her through the recovery and off of pain meds. Healing takes time.

- I pray that they get their act together as the mama bear is growling and as my friend Malkie said, you can hear it all the way in NYC! Pain that is able to be controlled should be controlled. 

- I give thanks for the Resident on the floor today that saw the amount of pain and told me it was unacceptable and upped her pain meds. I pray that the pain team tomorrow will work well with this and follow through. I put a complaint in the parent suggestion site for the hospital that asks "What can we do better?"  I nicely but firmly let them know that pain control was a huge concern.  I understand pain that is so fierce that it cannot be controlled but to chose not to control pain that can be...  Well, don't ask me what I call that...

- I pray that we can get AHEAD of this pain and stay there so that she can enjoy her day tomorrow. She told me tonight, "Mama, this was a very long day."

- I pray that she will get used to the insulin shots quickly (again bad experience with her first shot and it was due to same nasty nurse that just wanted to sedate her to get her to shut up.) Again, GRRRRR. And I pray that her blood sugar will be surprisingly controlled so that they can use less insulin each day and each week.

- I pray that the rest of our stay will be beautiful with leap and bounds of progress. I pray that we can be a great example to other families in this hospital  to show that you can go through the fire and still have your joy and peace.

- I pray for peaceful sleep - it's needed for both of us.

Thank you all for everything. You're prayers are absolutely beautiful.  I'm gonna wrap this post up cuz I need to get in the Word to assist the success of this night.