Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 15

Is it really already day 15? Wow... we've already been in MN two weeks. That means I haven't seen my boys for two weeks. It's hard on the whole family. If you see my boys in town or at church, please give them a squeeze for me from their Mama. I love you Hunter and Xander! Thank you both for being such strong big brothers for Tasia. You've always protected and taken care of her and you continue to do so by being strong and patient while we are apart. I love you with all of my heart!

Last night was rough as Tasia's pain creeped up and got ahead of the pain meds. They also had to do "bowel stuff" as her gut is still asleep. Talk about rough on a 9 year old :(  We also changed her pain meds from fentanyl to dilaudid and that helped a bunch. She got a lot of sleep (which means we did too and that was not the case the night before) and woke up in NO pain!  This lasted for a couple hours before she had stabbing pains that were heart wrenching for parents to watch. But I've gotten to a point with her that we have found things to do to help till the intense pain passes. Daddy, soothes her with a cool wash cloth, while I pray and breath with her throught it.  They think a lot of the pain issues that are happening are a result of the gut being asleep. Walking will help so she is going to do more physical therapy today and get up and around some more.  They did x-rays to double check all is well though.  The pain has to be controlled before leaving the PICU.

Her blood sugars have also been all over the place the last two days - this is probably due to upping her tube feedings. We've gotten to see hypoglycemia now - don't like that one bit!  We are praying that this all levels out today. Her blood sugars have to be level before leaving the PICU.

She has taken a few sips of apple juice and water - big step! She's aloud to advance but nausea has been an issue since yesterday so she doesn't want to quite yet.  Later today I'm sure we'll conquer the cracker.

Honstly they feel she is doing great! You just have to understand that this is one of the most painful surgeries you can have and great is still very, very hard. Her incision is about 8 inches long! Not to mention all they did inside!  Everyday has it's own challenge as you can see from  my prayer requests.

-Today's Prayer Requests-

Continued Pain Relief for Tasia
For nausea relief
That her gut "wakes up" and starts working
That her blood sugar get's controlled
That the infection in the islet cells goes away and fever leaves
For peaceful sleep and wake times.

This is a song that we have playing in  her room.