Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tasia Update

Well I finally feel like I have a moment to sit down and fill you all in on our sweet girl and her status. As you know, a couple months ago Tasia was flown to Denver to have a stone removed from her pancreas. She had been very sick off and on and finally we found a stone. After arriving in Denver they found EIGHTEEN stones!!! We were hoping that this meant she would have a year or two pain free with no issue now that the stones were gone, but that has not been the case. She began getting sick earlier this week. We first wrote it off as a normal flu thing but by yesterday morning we realized it was her pancreas. We took her to the ER and they were able to give her some pain meds but they only dulled the pain. Having become old pros at this ugly dance we call HP the specialists gave us the choice to take her home or have her admitted. The fact that the pain hadn't gotten under control made us stay. It was probably a good thing we did because her enzyme count was more than double what it's been in the last few years. We spent all night with the pain increasing and round after round of dry heaves. This pain is described at 10x worse than labor ladies. My heart feels like its been thrown out of a thirty story building and ran over by a semi. I ache seeing her like this. And on top of all of that I've had to deal with a local doctor that I don't trust. We had a serious confrontation last night because she almost cost me my daughters life 8 years ago. I told her that I don't trust her and she cried and apologized and admitted that I saved my child's life that night. Well folks I didn't but the holy spirit through me did. As she cried, forgiveness washed over my heart. I told her I forgave her and told her if she was willing to work as a team with me that I would allow her to watch over my daughter until her specialist was available. Well that proved to be a bad decision because she changed Ta's normal 13 micrograms of fentanyl to 250+ micrograms. Well let me just tell you that I could not wake her up this morning. I thought she was having a nightmare so I gently tried to shake her awake but she wouldn't wake. All of the sudden her stats dropped to ZERO and her heart monitor showed a straight line. I jumped and screamed TASIA shaking her by her shoulders!! She looked up at me and said, "Mama, what?" and just then all stats returned. Relief warmed my frozen spirit. Unfortunately it continued to be a very bad morning. Due to the extreme amount of meds she had been given she was unable to stay conscious and when she did rouse it was due to violent dry heaves. This was all due to too much meds. And the thing that made it all worse was she was still in excruciating pain! It never got her pain under control with all of that! Grrrrr!!! The doc came in and wanted to add another pain patch on top of all of that and I said, "NO!" I told her that I insist they get ahold of her specialist. He in turn told this lovely doctor to take that dang patch off and put her on dilaudid. We ended up need two different kind of nausea meds, pain meds round the clock and constant heat packs and she finally fell asleep. It's just now, at this very hour that she is getting relief from the vomiting and getting some semi-

decent pain relief. All I could do in these moments was cry out to God. He heard my prayer as He always does. I expect that her enzyme count will continue to drop and if we can continue to keep the vomiting stopped and the pain under control than we will probably get to go home tomorrow. I am so thankful for all of your prayers- you all mean the world to me and it gives me strength reading your sweet words on FB. I am so thankful to Jesus because once again by his holy spirit I was lead to direct the nurses to find a way to stop the vomiting. He takes such good care of us.
On top of all of this I still have really good news about upcoming events and surgeries that will one day set our family free of this horrible sickness. But that my friend is for another day. I have a beautiful baby girl who needs her Mama now. Thank you again for all phone calls, voice mails, FB messages, emails, texts, visits and most of all for pouring your hearts out to the Father on behalf of my Jewell.

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