Saturday, September 17, 2011

through the storm

Our family has lived with a storm that has raged throughout the years. I can tell you that though the storm comes we have learned to take shelter in the Almighty during the downpour, dance in the gentle showers that come in between, find peace in the quiet that follows the storm and bask in the aroma that fills the air afterwards letting us know that our creator is real.  And yes friends there is always a rainbow, a sign that we are not alone and He will never forsake us.
image via google images

Most of you already know that my daughter, Tasia, was flown to Denver on Tuesday.  She had surgery on Wednesday and long story short we are happily home now with her feeling much, much better.  During her flight Tasia saw a rainbow.  I know this was God's promise to her and we stood on His promises through the storm that raged and are now enoying the peace that has followed.