Sunday, January 15, 2012

Almost Home Free - in more ways than one

Good morning dear readers,
Last night went very well. Tasia started perking up late last night and we stayed up watching movies till 1am. I was exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open, but there was no way I was gonna miss these happy low pain moments with her. The pain meds were giving her a headache so I asked the nurse to back off the pain meds and switch to Tylenol. It was worth a try. I hate all the side effects of these meds - headache, nausea, itching etc. Well I am happy to tell you she woke up this morning PAIN FREE! She is currently eating for the first time in 3 days. Just having a drink puts a smile on her face as they can't even let her have water during an attack. She even snuck some of my yogurt and it set so well on her tummy. She's a happy girl. We are so ready to go home. Just one more hour and the doc will be in to discharge her. I will be very happy to walk away from her care. I will also be considering switching to a new pediatrician just to avoid such care from his on- call partners. Locals I bet you could guess the doc - but I won't say on this here blog who it is. I know she tried to do her best but her best in my opinion is frightening.
Moving on...
Our family needs a break. You see, we are traveling cross country in approx one month to see the top pancreas specialists and we really need a rest physically and emotionally. A lot is coming up for us this year and we will need all our strength to handle it. Isaac is having his pancreas removed and having the insulin producing cells in his pancreas transplanted to his liver. Our prayer is that his liver will take over insulin production so that he doesn't become diabetic. Either way- we are waving bye bye to the organ that has caused more pain than you can imagine and in so many ways. In approximately 30 days Tasia, Isaac and I will be at the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital for consults for both of them. About 3-4 weeks after that Isaac will have surgery. We are gonna wait a year or so to see how well Isaac does and then if all goes well Tasia will be next. This is such a huge undertaking and we covet your prayers for the upcoming weeks and months. I am very confident that God has heard and is answering prayers. Transplant City- here we come!
More on all this later. Love ya all!

- Jillian