Friday, September 3, 2010

What's been going on...

I can't lie.
(Truth is, I choose not to.)

I have felt terribly guilty for leaving you all hanging for 40 days now. That is... if there are any of you lovely readers left.  My Grams always says, "A relationship has to be nurtured or it fades away." I have found this to be true in more areas than one as of late...

And even though I knowingly ignored the thought to write every time it popped in my head it wasn't for lack of words but the contrary.  I have had so much in  my head that it was overwhelming to try and put it into words.  And I can't deny that getting a 40 hour a week job has something to do with my lack of desire to sit in front of a computer some more.  

But instead of gushing about all the things that have been, which are many, I'm going to tell you what is currently floating around in my head while I sit in the tub pondering the things of life...
The things of life. Not just living, but real, true LIFE.
That seems to be what is spinning in my head 70% of my day.  (The other 20% on work and another 10% for mindlessness which includes things like watching old reruns of Seinfeld.) 

I'm of the opinion that things of this world are drawing to a close.  I know, I know, that seems a bit deep for this girly little blog but if I'm very honest about why I write this blog it's because I feel like He's giving me something to say (at least most of the time and any crap you have read on here, well that's me seeping through.)  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm writing scripture on here but I am writing with the heart of the Kings daughter.  And the daughter carries on the attributes of her Father, right?.  So I guess it's my little way of being the light in the darkness.  Sometimes I have to admit my light is more a flicker than a glowing flame but right now and eternally I want it to shine bright.
As I get ready for work each morning I do my best to immerse myself into a quiet worship as well as open my heart to listen.  And guess what?  I am getting answers to the questions I have so longed to know!  I wonder why it's taken me so long to go ahead and just ask for the answer?  The questions seemed monumentally enormous to me but to Him they were simple answers that made perfect sense.

Do you want to know specifically what He's been sharing with my heart beyond my little questions? Well, if you don't then just click that pretty little red button on the top of the screen and count it as fluff (and if you're not on a Mac, then shame on you and click the silly little "x").  But if you do want to know... read on.

Now, I'm not looking for some theological argument.  If you are, move on to a blog that happily accepts drama.  But if you are seeking our Father as well, I'm sure some of this will be what you have been hearing with your heart as well.

On August 9, I was driving on my way to work and my routine call to my Grams was rescheduled and so I was left to continue my quiet time with Him.  And as I drove God showed me something and what he spoke to my heart after He showed me was this...

To those of us continually in His presence His return will be so much anticipated that we will hardly blink.  Although the end is tremendous, we will have expected it with excitement for long enough that we will smile and know that it is time.  But for those who haven't been sensitive in their spirit to the voice of God it will come as not only a surprise but a shock and many will be fearful wondering if they were ready for this day.  

I know... that's kind of intense.  But I'm not sure where else this was meant to be shared so here it is... I'm throwing it out there is the blogisphere.  Take it or leave it.  The good news is He is trying to prepare us and just hopefully we are all listening.

2 Peter 3:1-18
(via weheartit)

And with that, I will close and probably come back with some goofy Lucy story later this week.  Until then.  I love ya, miss ya and will try and find a little more time for my favorite little spot on the great big world wide web.

Until next time dear readers...