Saturday, April 17, 2010

this weekend

this weekend is slammed like the door of an angry teenager.
Okay not really but it is packed like the suitcase of a lady going on vacation for a week... and we all know that is VERY full.

Today I dropped a cleaning bomb over my entire house and yes folks, it's sparkling gorgeous.

I also made a big bowl of my super delicious chicken salad that my Gram taught me to make as a child - except I add grapes. Mmmmm!

In a few minutes I'll be jumping in a hot bath to relax for a few because I know it will be my only moment of rest this weekend.

Then it's off to rehersal for the 1950's dinner theater I'm in.  Just call me Bunny Sue.

After practice we're headed to celebrate one of our most beloved friends birthday.
Happy Birthday Joshua!

Then home to snuggle in bed for a few hours sleep before the big day tomorrow starts.

Which is first going to be throwing my besties baby shower to welcome Georgianna Grace. Don't you just love that name?  I sure do!

And followed by our annual police party which is a 1970's disco theme.  
Can you feel tha funk?
(img credit via weheartit and google images)

It's gonna be a great weekend!