Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i've got a good one

Let me tell you why he's the MacDaddy.
I've been sick since Sunday.  You know that lovely little 70's party we went to? Well my husband remembers it as the night I wore the cutest, sexiest dress while puking all over the side of my car and all over the parking lot of our nicest hotel in town.  And yep he held my hair while I puked in that cute little dress. Sniff, sniff. I'm still mortified over the whole thing.  And no it wasn't alcohol, I was not feeling well when I woke up that morning and wasn't able to eat or drink all day.  UGH!  I even had to leave my besties baby shower a bit early I was so hot and dizzy.  
(this is us before the party and me putting on my best poker face)

Honestly, I still feel like crap but it's better than Sunday.  It's my hubb's only full day off this week and I'm just feeling exhausted not to mention I think I've cried 5x today.  I think it's a combo of recovering from the flu and just plain exhausted.  He cooked dinner last night and is currently grocery shopping.  He's even buying all my "girl products" and is totally cool with it.  He's the man.  

(dang, he looks good)

He also rubbed my back with icy hot last night which in my opinion smells like Heaven but in his opinion smells like Hell.  Then instead of watching his series in the cozy living room on our ginormous HD  flat screen tv, he streamed it on my computer so he could sit in bed with me.  
Let me put this simply a 13" screen vs a 52" screen.  In man terms "BIG DEAL".
(this pic is plain sexy to me... it's during his workout and well it's just hot so consider it a freebie - Lol!)

And right now he's out buying me a Wii fit cuz laying in bed being sick makes me feel lazy and fat and well we just can't have that.  

I'm thankful for you baby and I appreciate that you take care of me.