Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Just four days before we were supposed to move we have withdrawn our contract on the home. 
(refer to yesterdays post)

But as I said, hope on the horizon right?
Back when we first looked in this neighborhood I spotted the most gorgeous home that I would squeal for as we drove by.  It was gorgeous, dare I say, spectacular.... But I assumed it was waaaaaay out of our reach.  Well with all of the crazy stuff that went on yesterday I decided to go in search of that beautiful home.  
What did I have to lose...
Well, we saw it this morning and folks, we fell in love with it.
  In fact, it's so lovely that I think we could easily consider it our 

We put our offer in just an hour ago and are impatiently patiently awaiting the word if they accept.

Would you please say a prayer for us?