Wednesday, October 23, 2013


His whisper is as thunderous as a symphony singing my name, beckoning me to sit at his feet and fill me with His wisdom so that He can empty my head of all the clatter the world tends to fill it with.  And I wonder if I could just 


just stop… and listen…

would I finally see and hear what I've been longly to know.  Would I hear what it is that I am supposed to do with my life and what my hearts calling is?  Does it take me finally slowly down long enough to hear Him?  Does it take me shutting off the world and even saying no to helping others for even 30 minutes to hear the whispers of my Father to my heart? I guess that would be worth it wouldn't it? Why do I have such a hard time  slowing down? Why is it so hard to discipline myself to do just this one simple task?

(img credit via weheartit - if you know the origial photographer
 please let me know so I can give credit)