Monday, April 16, 2012


Well they can't all be amazing right? Today was a rough one. Probably one of the roughest Tasia has had since getting out of the hospital.  And I guess if this is as rough as she has had it then we count ourselves blessed! Got to keep it in perspective, ya know?

She woke up very nauseus and having pain. She hasn't had pain in over a week unless she's done too much.  So this confused me.  Where this pain and nausea came from, I have no clue. But it stayed all day long. The pain meds barely took the edge off and nothing helped the nausea.  They say when you go through this surgery you will have good days and bad ones. Well this was a bad one I guess but thankfully now at 6:30pm it is getting better.

We visited the pain management clinic today again and the appointment went very much like the last one.  Tasia was feeling yucky so much ahead of time that she passed out in my arms by the time the doctor arrived.  She was literally so sound asleep that he couldn't even get her to respond much.  I'm sure she looked terribly drugged but she wasn't at all. She was exhausted! I swore to him that usually she is feeling great and I don't know where this came from.  I'm sure he read the rest of her doctors comments in her file about her feeling soooo well and thought, "Yeeeaaah, sure she is."  Ha ha ha! He's a great doc though and I'm happy we are getting to work with him.  He is currently watching Tasia for having migrain headaches and seeing if possibly that is causing the nausea and extreme sleepiness.  He said we will continue to watch it.  Today was supposed to be our last appointment with him but I think he was pretty concerned she was feeling so yucky today so we are going to see him once more next week before returning home.  I hope and pray that Tasia is feeling good and he gets to see her happy little personality before we leave.  Dr. B, her endo, gets to see her bouncing off the walls at those appointments. 

On a very happy note, they dropped her 1x a day insulin again and now to only 2UNITS today!!! Even Dr. B said she can't believe she's down to hardly any only 3.5 weeks out. So there's my note to smile on today!

~Feeling good enough tonight for a little photoshoot~

Now today is almost over. I am praying for a blessed night of rest so that she wakes up refreshed, renewed without pain and nausea again.  I pray for wisdom to know what to do better for her and for peace to know I am doing my best.