Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What We are Praying and Believing God For

What we are praying and believing God for

-          That the peace that passes all understanding will be over Tasia and our family tomorrow and throughout the recovery process.

-          That the surgery will go remarkably well.

-          That the hands of the surgeon will be guided by Jesus himself.

-          That the surgical team will be strong, extra alert and focused with wisdom to know exactly what and what not to do. That they will do everything precise and with excellence. That they will have supernatural revelation of what to do.

-          The blood of Jesus is applied over every doctor and anyone who has anything to do with Tasia while in the hospital.

-          The blood of Jesus is applied over Tasia, every cell in her body is covered and protected by the blood of Jesus Christ and NOTHING that destroys can enter or cross that blood line.

-          That Tasia’s body will respond during surgery under the direction and inspiration of the Lord – according to Proverbs 18:14 – the strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble. Tasia’s spirit will sustain her in and thru the surgery and recovery.

-          What needs to be done will be done, no more and no less.

-          Her body will remain strong, her heart and breathing will remain totally strong and normal.

-          That there will be no complications during or after surgery.

-          That the pancreas and all organs and tissue that need to be removed will come out with ease.

-          That she will have a remarkable HIGH islet cell count for transplant.

-          That her liver welcomes the new islet cells and they flourish in their new home so that she can come off of insulin.

-          That Tasia will not be a diabetic.

-          That everything in her little body would heal supernaturally fast.

-          That every cell, organ, tissue, blood, bone etc be whole and healthy in the name of Jesus.

-          That Tasia would have less pain than normal and that her pain will be easily controlled.

-          That her family will have supernatural emotional strength and endurance during the surgery and recovery.

-          That she will have sweet, sweet sleep at night.

-          That the nausea will be controlled and leave quickly.
-       That she is able to resume to regular eating in a good amount of time and that the food will be nothing but a blessing to her little body.

As always....Thanks Be Unto God Who Always Causes Us To Triumph in Christ Jesus!                                       
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Many of you have asked for an address:
If you are wanting to send flowers or balloons - you may have to wait 1 week until she is out of ICU. Cards and letters are welcome even in ICU.
Tasia Gallegos
C/O University of Minnesota
Amplatz Children's Hospital
2450 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454