Sunday, March 11, 2012

We're Here

We are currently at 24,000 ft. By the time I am able to actually post this we will most likely be in our hotel and ready to crawl in bed. Most everything has gone swimmingly so far. The airlines gave us all a little scare when we boarded in Denver by TRIPLE BOOKING my daughters seat on a completely packed flight! Several others had their seats doubled booked around us as well. We all stayed calm and they were able to find everyone seats. I was glad I didn\'t have to pull the "transplant" card to ensure we made this flight - but I would have if push came to shove. It was so nice to see everyone willing to move and having understanding attitudes. It doesn\'t always happen that way...
Tasia has the first appointments tomorrow beginning at 7 am with the transplant coordinator. I\'m excited to meet this lady as she has been wonderful to deal with over the phone for the last couple months.
I will update again tomorrow evening. Please stand with us in prayer that we get lots accomplished.


UPDATE- the night got very weird after arriving in Minneapolis.... See Isaacs blog for more details. Trust me, you\'re gonna want to know what we\'ve seen and heard. Yikes. Crazy city! Very beautiful though!!! It looked nice and classy... Until the hookers showed up.