Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 1

Day one was pretty busy. I was operating off about 3.5 hours sleep and Isaac off of 1 hour. Talk about tired! We started off a little rough when Tasia realized that she was gonna be getting blood draws today. It all of the sudden became very clear (even though she knew) that this was a medical trip and not a vacation. The staff was great and very understanding and got her smiling in no time. Well they got her smiling after they brought a J-Tip and numbed the IV site. After a 2.5 hours of C Peptide testing we met with a very nice lady who took us on a tour of the new children's hospital and showed us where she'd be before surgery, PICU after and then the children's floor where she'd recover. I'm telling you what, the PICU was a constant battle of blinking back the tears for me. Seeing the equipment, rooms, beds, staff and all those kids in ICU was heart wrenching. We saw kids who could hardly walk, a baby fighting cancer that shared a room with Tasia during her testing. I heard moms discussing renal failure and babies screaming in next door rooms. This is not an easy place to be. But in the midst of all of that - this place us gorgeous! Take a look at a few of Isaacs pics and you will see. The kids ward is AMAZING! 52' flat screens (some rooms have 3 flats screens!) Private sleeping areas, color changing lights, web cams, video games, digital messages kids can have displayed outside their rooms electronically to say whatever they want, refrigerators, micros, fax machines and office space for parents who need to keep working, art rooms, reading space ship area in the library, etc, etc, etc! And the staff are so sweet! If you have to be at a hospital with your child, this is the place!

We also met with the social worker so they could give us all the costs of this and she could ask all her questions.

We ended the night with dinner at the Mall Of America and a soak in the hot tub. Im off to bed now as Isaac has a full day of appointments tomorrow and I am wiped out!

Thanks for all your prayers! We could really use them tomorrow and Thursday as these are major decision days.

Hugs to you all!