Sunday, June 27, 2010

She works hard for her money...

Well my first week of working is officially over and tomorrow starts week #2.  It went a lot better than I expected.  I was surprised to find that my office is pretty laid back and the people are very close like family.  Those things alone make a huge difference in enjoying your job.  As for home, the kids did wonderful.  It was hard to be away from them everyday but realizing they were with their daddy made it so much easier.  We even spent two of my lunch hours together and that hour of pure bliss makes the rest of the day go really well.

My husband is absolutely amazing as well.  He cooked dinner a couple nights and made sure the house looked good when I got home.  I can't imagine how stressed out I would have felt to come home to my lovely little sanctuary torn apart.  I can assure you it would have resulted in tears. But on the contrary,  I received back rubs and lots of loves.

I think the hardest part besides leaving the kids was getting up in the mornings. But thankfully I woke up before my alarm clock and had a good 30 minutes each morning to pray for my family and talk with my Father before starting the day.  I know that was a huge part in my first week being so successful.

Highlights of my week were:
Having sweet Melody surprise me with coffee
Finding out I get off at lunch time every other Friday - paid!
Being told by my co-workers 5-6 times a day how much they love me - yay!
Getting surprised by my super sweet sister with my favorite Chai Latte and cookies
Lunch with my sweet husband
Taking my kids to the pool on my half day off!

I can't totally say I'm totally looking forward to tomorrow, but I'm sure not dreading it. There is nothing like being in the perfect will of God and that's where I'm sure I am.  I don't know exactly how long I will stay where I'm at but I do know that God's got a perfect plan and I intend on following that.

I hope you all have a very lovely week full of happiness and blessings.