Monday, June 14, 2010


As a parent we want to give our children the world.  Especially when it comes to birthday parties.  I, however, abhor crazed parties with 35 children running through my house with chocolate frosting smeared all over their cute little faces.  The idea gives me the shakes.  Honestly, I don't know how you all do it!  A good handful of my friends throw awesome kids parties and do it with ease.  I applaud you - for sure!  We have a different sort of take on celebrating in my house, we alternate between a "friend party" and a "family party" each year.  This really is the perfect solution in our family.  We also like the idea of birthday trips - Hunter went on a treasure hunt that led to a denver trip that included waterworld and a museum. and Tasia spent her 6th birthday in Disneyland.  

Thursday is my gorgeous baby girl's 8th birthday and it just so happens to be her family party year. 

So this year we are starting her day at the nail salon where she and her bestie get their first real pedi's in kid size massage chairs. Of course Jamie and I will oblige the girls and suffer through our own pedicures. Oh the things we do for our children...
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Then we are going shopping, 'cuz a girls gotta buy some new birthday lovelies.  At noon she has a lunch date with her Papa and Nana at the restaurant of her choice, and soon after Grammie and Aubuelo too will come over and we'll grab a quick meal of the birthday girls choosing.  And then we'll end it all with the rest of her family coming over for cake and ice cream.  It will be a full day and I'm sure she will love it!
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So how do you all celebrate your children's birthdays?  Are you one of those amazing mom's that throws crazy awesome parties every year?  Or do you keep it simple?  Do you have any traditions that are special to your family?