Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Update: Saturday evening

Here's the Scoop:
First of all let me start by saying it is nice to see that smile! Wouldn't you agree?
Tonight has been going pretty well.  I have yet to divulge what exactly has been going on because I didn't want to tell the details without getting the go-ahead from my husband. But now that he's awake (and alert) he's told me that I can fill y'all in.

Isaac has been in the hospital due to pancreatitus - something that he was diagnosed with as a child.  He had a terrible time when he was a kid with this but rarely deals with it as an adult.  Anyways... the pancreatitus was how it started and it was a very intense attack but then it escalated from that to migraine headaches and very high fevers.  He was packed on ice more times than you can imagine to bring down the screaming high fevers.  They figured out that he got e. coli and it progressed into his blood stream and gave him septicemia or blood poisoning which is very, very serious and if you want to know more you can google it. 
Currently they are trying out a handful of antibiotics to figure which one will kick the infection best. Once they figure that out they will hopefully send him home to recover. I'm gonna stay here at the hospital one more night to help take care of my man and then tomorrow home to start resuming some sense of normalcy. 

So, some of you may be wondering why I tell all of this.  Well it's because it just shows the power of God.  Isaac went from a very scary, painful life threatening situation to his current super state of recovery in a very quick amount of time.  I know that it was the hand of God over him the last few days. I know it was God giving us wisdom to even help the docs diagnose him.  I know that without God it couldn't have turned out very different.  We are currently all together right now, watching a movie and enjoying our time as a family. We are blessed beyond measure. Thank you all for standing with us in prayer - we are so grateful for that and know that the Father not only hear but answered those fervent prayers.