Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear ___________,

 God sees what you are going through right now.  It may feel like the world in caving in on you and that you honestly don't think you can handle any more. But I assure you that with His help and power you can stand through much more than your mind can even fathom.  Not only can you get through it victoriously, you can do it with grace.  
I know that life is hard. It would take me weeks to type out all that I've been through in my life but through is the key word.  God could have spared the three Hebrew children from ever going into the fire but He didn't.  He let them pass through the fire and after the fact they were completely unharmed because He never left them.  YES, the fire was fierce and scary and threaten their very existence but with God by their side the were safe.  

When my little girl was so very sick in the hospital for a few years, my Grams would always say, "Jillybean, God will never give you more than you can handle."  And I would reply, "And I remind Him of that daily!"  Ha Ha!  As if God would need reminding of how much I could handle. 

 What ever it is that burdens you right now, picture the pain as the fire, picture yourself as one of those Hebrew children and then picture yourself VICTORIOUS on the other side.  

I'm not sure who this is exactly for today but it was one of those I just had to let lose and write because it was on my heart that someone need to hear these words.  I love ya and I'm only an email away if you need a friend.

All my love,