Thursday, May 27, 2010

busy bunny

I'm crazy busy today but I just realized that I've left ya high and dry for a few days so here's whats going on...
  • Yesterday we tried to help our friends out by taking in their sweet fluffy cat that they can no longer keep. But for some reason this pussy cat flares up allergies in me and already today he is leaving. If you're interested in a gorgeous, big boy cat that is super affectionate than shoot me an email.  I would totally keep him if I could - he's stunning!
  • And tonight my friends and I are singing, dancing and serving food in a 50's style dinner theater.  I'm Bunny Sue Milton - head cheerleader and Homecoming Queen shoe-in. But I may just be one french fry short of a happy meal.  You'll just have to go to FH if you want tickets for tonight or tomorrows performance.  It's gonna be awesome!
  • I just made my "It's officially summer chore charts" to get my kids involved in helping, teach them a little more responsibility and help them earn some cash for spending.
  • We are also getting ready to take a little VACA with our friends to lay by the pool in Vegas and even a lil' Disneyland action while we're over that way.
So until most likely Saturday... I bid you adieu.