Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ze' Menu

Chili Dogs, fritos, pasta salad
 Sesame Chicken Strips with eggrolls and rice
Stuffed Poblanos with chorizo and bacon
Hamburgers, baked potatoes, peas
Mac-Daddy-Roni and beef roll ups 
Beer brats and bbq beans

So this is what I'm leaning towards this week for our dinners.  It should be my last week of semi-serious cooking before the big moving week which will equal lots of fast food and pizza.  Hold my hair while I hurl... okay?  No I'm kidding.  I'm sure after a long day of moving that a greasy burger and a pop will rock my world.  So here's hoping that in the middle of packing all of these meals will get made.  You'll notice I threw in a couple easy ones like Chili Dogs, Hamburgers and Brats... I'm going to be packing so dirtying up the kitchen and cooking for 2 hours won't exactly be an option.  Here's hoping your week is packed with delishes dishes and lots of love.