Saturday, January 9, 2010

a SPLASH of color

My mind is going a million and one different directions.  We are closing on our home at the end of this month so I'm trying to juggle paperwork and phone calls and appointments while packing and cleaning and picking out carpet.  But do you know what's consuming my mind? The decor of the kids rooms!  I am absolutely ga-ga for decorating kids rooms.  From picking out the paint to quilts and wall hangings.  I just love it!  

We've decided to go with a whole Rock N Roll theme for Hunters room.  He going to be 10 this year and he thinks he needs something a bit more "pre-teen" - oh my gosh I can't believe I just typed that.  The thought makes me shudder and think all those thoughts like, "where'd the time go...".  


I think this will be a great big kids room for my great big boy!

Tasia's room is going to be an explosion of 

Oh and just wait till you see what extra idea I have for this room! Bright, vibrant colors are an exact statement of Ta's personality.  She's bubbly and happy and full of life!


Xander's room is of course going to be 

My Mama is going to be making his quilt because she is amazingly talented but I do love this one from Pottery Barn as well. Oh and  I just bought metal train crossing signs and stop signs off ebay. He also just got a giant train table for Christmas so his room will be a breeze. The quiet simplicity of wooden trains are perfect for my little laid back curly Q. 

I think this time around I want my kids room to be clean, crisp statements of their personalities.  In the past I've painted murals of Neverland and Jungles but I'm really like the simplicity this time around.  
Now they just need to make a discounted version of Pottery Barn like Old Navy is to Gap - Ha ha!