Monday, January 18, 2010

the greatest of these...

Today I laid back down after getting out of bed and fell into a deep blissful sleep.  My kids cuddled together on the couch watching cartoons and I was able to catch a little bit extra much needed rest. It's one of those mornings where you open you big sleepy eyes to realize this day is going to be great.  You squirm around in your covers, breath in a big deep breath  and enjoy the cozy comfort once more before climbing out of the big fluffy bed.

I was greeted with a chorus of "Mama-aaaaaa" and smothered in loves.  We made great big bowls of VANILLA YOGURT, GRONOLA, and BLUEBERRIES.  
Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm.

I LOVE mornings like these... it makes you know that no matter what is going on around you in the world all ya need is