Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our escape

It's almost that time of night when the homework is done and the hustle and bustle of the day is finished.  It's that time when the television gets shut of, iPhones put away, computers set to sleep and all technology is left behind. 

 With the fireplace ablaze,
 the candles flickering,
we enter through the wardrobe toward the lamp post.

The children are snuggled up in blankets and suddenly the world that earlier screamed for their attention with apps and friend requests and notifications has suddenly been dissolved into the enchanted pages of fauns, dwarfs and snow queens.

The sons of Adam and the daughter of Eve are now beckoned by the mighty roar of Aslan.  Eventually eyelids become heavy and chapter after chapter comes to a close. They of course beg for just one more  and a promise is made to continue again same time, same lamp post when we can shut off the world again tomorrow.

These are the times that I cherish and what a perfect season to read some tales of Narnia together.