Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I think sometimes we expect to remember what God has done for us when things in life get rough, but I am reminded every time life seems at its best. I'm happy THAT is when I most often recall what He's done in our lives because I know that it honors His goodness. It keeps him at the forefront during the good and the bad.

With tears streaming down my face, I want to tell each one of you that no matter what circumstances are present in your life - whether it be sickness, death, divorce, addiction, depression, adultery, a broken heart, financial troubles, low self esteem, doubt, fear, or loneliness - He truly cares and you are NEVER alone. Sometimes it's hard to feel His presence but in those times, when I was at the deepest depths of my despair and my spirit gasped for relief and cried out for help - THAT is when He showed Himself SO real to me.

When you truly cry out to God is when you find that you were never alone...

And life is not perfect- I don't ever want to portray that, because that is just a lie. Bad things happen. Hearts break, children get sick, people move to Heaven, marriages dissolve etc but bottom line - He cares. And I want you to know that He is faithful to multiply your joy in the future for whatever you've lost in the past.

Tonight I cannot even process His overwhelming goodness. Because of of Him I have a daughter and a husband who will LIVE and not die prematurely so they can declare his goodness.