Saturday, May 18, 2013


Xander got a concussion from getting tripped at school and smacking his face on the ground. When he arrived home from school he had no memory of the day or the past week and was repeating phrases over and over like a broken record. It was scary! As Hunter and I rushed him to the ER we prayed constantly over him and spoke the word over his body. His little broken record statements made the tears roll for us be we rebuked everything coming against his little body and spoke LIFE over him. Praise God his scan showed no visual damage or bleeding. 

I had to wake him up every 4 hours throughout the night to double check he was okay and the night went smoothly. Today he has stopped repeating himself and his memory is starting to return. The doctor called and told us to keep him home for approx a week and to keep him from reading, playing video games, going to school or exerting much energy to let the brain totally heal. This is his 3rd concussion is a years time. I guess this is what being a mom of boys is like. So very thankful to be working from home so I can be with my little guy and keep a close eye on him. I am overwhelmingly thankful to God for His protection over Xander and his brain. I am grateful that God gave us the power to move mountains with our words and that no weapon formed against Xander was able to prosper. Our God supplies all our needs! We love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. Now we are off to snuggle and have a Gilmore Girls marathon