Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today in our FEARLESS girls fit group I asked a question about imperfections- "What is your least favorite part of your body?" This question was brought on from chatting with a dear friend about her own insecurities... her stretch marks. She has worked very hard to get her body fit but these are one thing that she can't just whip into shape like the rest of her. She shared her insecurity with the world wide web today and I wanted to share mine with you. We are not striving for perfection in our fit fam. Perfection is ugly in my opinion because it's fake. There may be people that we see like fitness models, VS models etc that "look" perfect but most of them have imperfections that we cannot see because they are covered or airbrushed out. My hope is that you will embrace the body God has given you and strive for progress not perfection. I pray that you will enjoy your journey and not wait till you've met your goals to appreciate your body. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL - IMPERFECTIONS AND ALL!

This is my insecurity and here it is for you all to see. I will NOT pretend to be perfect or fool you into believing I just woke up fit one day. NO! I have imperfections but I still choose to make the best out of this body. Every one of these dumb stretch marks bother me (I know Isaac is gonna be shocked I even am showing them because he knows I hate them) but I tell myself that I earned my tiger stripes! I also remind myself of the type of example I want to be to my daughter as well - she has an 8-10" incision down her belly from a life saving surgery. How superficial and vain would I be to let some dumb stretch marks bring me down when she is proud (or trying to be) of her battle wound? Beauty is SO much more than skin deep. I hope tonight you see past your imperfections. I hope you choose to be a FEARLESS girl and love your body even if it doesn't match the worlds standards.

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