Friday, January 25, 2013

Only Tough Girls Have Scars!

Tasia and her little friend who is 4 years old have a little saying, "Only tough girls have scars!" They both have scars that go down their entire belly showing the battle that have fought and won against pancreatitis. Tonight I was thinking about this and I realized this is so much deeper than we even realized. We are ALL tough girls, aren't we?  We all have some sort of scars.  Some of us have a physical scar showing surgery or injury, some of us have stretch marks to show that we have carried some of God's most precious gifts, some have scars showing abuse from someone they trusted and others have scars that you cannot see at all - scars of the heart.  The scars on the heart are most often the most tender to the touch. But as we come through our battles in life - whether it be a physical one like my child or an emotional one brought on by someone in your life, there is most definitely healing.

Healing takes time. There's no way to get around that one. Sure we can add ointments, creams, or go to therapy to assist things, but time is always involved in healing. Some of the things we do to heal can speed up the process and other things can slow it down. Bottom line...there is no amount of food or drugs or alcohol that can take your pain away.  The only true remedy for your pain is the healing touch of God and time.

Going through 2012 was most definitely the hardest time in our lives. It was God who sped the time by, held us together mentally and eased the physical suffering.  Tasia and I both left 2012 with scars. Hers are visible, mine are not. Both are healing marvelously thanks to the loving touch of the Father and time.

One thing about scars is that you are left tougher than before you had the scar.  Tasia's belly is physically stronger now that a scar has been formed. I read that 
 "scar tissue can become stronger and better able to tolerate stretching forces through a process called remodeling. Scar tissue remodeling occurs as you start to stretch and pull on it. The stretching of the scar tissue helps to align the collagen fibers to allow them to return to normal. This realignment of the collagen fibers makes the tissue better able to tolerate the forces that are placed on it during the day." This is so much the same as when we stretch ourselves emotionally as well. We place ourselves into God's hands and let him mold and heal us.  We in turn are stronger to tolerate the strain that is placed on us in the future days ahead.  

Have you ever stepped back after the healing process has happened and looked at how much tougher you are?  I for one feel like wonder woman!  That of course takes time and a continued filling from the Father. But it is most definitely possible!

I pray that my daughter will continue to sport her scar as a symbol of the hero she truly is. To show the world she went into battle and came out victorious. She looked fear in the face and said, "bring it!" I hope to show my scars as well and help those hurting to heal and to remember that they too are TOUGH GIRLS!