Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Update

Change in plans - they are not removing the feeds altogether. But they are removing the big feeding tube\drain and placing a very tiny one and then gonna reduce her feeds by 25% till she's off. The surgeon has a bad feeling about stopping cold turkey as he thought that could backfire and cause us to take 4 steps back. So we are on going to step her down from the feeds, but at a good rate. It's a compromise so I can't complain. Plus she had a big flare in pain last night and we might have to up her meds. I think this is the right thing. I can't pray for wisdom for the docs and then be upset if it wasn't exactly what I hoped it would be. So I have to believe that this is what God guided them to decide and I'm gonna be happy about it because again its still abnormal and a huge step in the right direction. Normally they wouldn't give this tiny tube until the big one has been in for 4 weeks. So it's a good thing!

On a harder note she had a lot of pain last night for the first time in almost a week. Not sure if it's what she ate or how much she ate but I am going to talk to the pain team this morning to try and get her some relief again. Please pray that her stomach empties and the natural digestion process happens as its should. Please also pray that we regain pain control quickly. Over all she is still doing very good but as I've said before this is a very hard surgery and a big recovery process too.

She goes in to be sedated at 3pm so please pray that all goes well and these tubes are placed correctly and they accomplish what they are meant to do.

Last night was rough - lots of tears for both of us, lots of reading the word to keep myself and her at peace and lots of time just meditating in the presence of God. He helped us trough and today is a new day.

Thanks be unto God who always causes is to triumph!