Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 weeks Post OP

Wow! How are we already 2 weeks Post OP?! Time has flown by! Tasia's procedure today went smoothly for the most part. It took an hour and half and she came out with less than we were expecting.  They were told to do a feed/drain and she just came out with a drain.  I'm not gonna complain one bit though because I prayed that the docs would be led by God to do what was best for Tasia and somehow wires got crossed and she came out with only a drain. You may say coincidence... but not me.

We gave her an extra dose of her pain meds and she had no pain following the procedure.  They are currently stepping down her insulin as well.  I would really love this to happen as quickly as possible because I hate giving her insulin shots.  I have a very big aversion to needles so it's been a real opportunity to crucify my flesh and just do it. But if she can take the shot, I can give it. But I want it to be done! At least get to 1-2x a day instead of all the correction and meal coverage. This is my opportunity to exercise some patience.
(The view from Tasia's hospital room)


That Tasia would tolerate the last few feeds through this g-tube without discomfort. (She will be done with feeds completely by this weekend.)

That her insulin gets under control so well that we have to start dropping the amount of insulin and number of injections.  (To transition off of insulin can take up to 6 months but I am excited to see how well this moves along for Ta'.)

That her pain will stay under control.

That when they discharge us to RMDH that we make a smooth and easy transition from hospital care to 100% Mama-Care.

For a peaceful and restful nights sleep.

Thanks be unto God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus!


Also and update on her little friend Ella - her surgery went great! They got so many islet cells they had to inject them lots of places besides her liver. Go ELLA!  Please continue to pray for strength for her and her parents and that God does a mighty work to shock the medical industry in Ella too!