Saturday, February 18, 2012

my gift to him

Since Isaac is going to be going through such a major surgery and since it will mean that he has to watch what he eats for awhile if not permanently, I decided to give him a gift. It's the best gift I know how to give because it's my utmost love language.  Cooking!  I told the hubs that every weekend I would make him a new delicious meal with new recipes I've never done before.  This is something special to him because he loves food.  This is something special to me because I can search or design the most perfect recipes using the foods I know he loves best.  For tonights tummy yummy I made cupcakes.  Cuz remember I felt like getting my cupcake on today?  Well they aren't just any old cupcake...  they are MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES with a delicate butter cream frosting.  They are sweet and spicy, oooeey gooeey goodness.  The sweetness is the first thing that hugs your taste buds, followed by the zing of cayenne pepper that dances across your tongue - leaving you the happiest little palet ever.  The sweetness of the buttercream and the spicy intermingled with the chocolate are of the utmost yumminess.  And best of all, HE LOVED THEM!