Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lifting up my girls

Tomorrow my friend Whitney is having her TP-IAT surgery like Isaac is having. On Friday, my friend Meagan is having it too. It's so crazy to have started this journey feeling all alone- like we were the only family in the world dealing with this mysterious illness. On the contrary, there are more than you can imagine. What I have found over the last few weeks is a new sort of family. Out of hundreds of people I have met dealing with this illness, certain ones have made such a connection with me and my family. Whitney, Megan, Malkie, Kelly, Lyndi, and Beth are now my long distant sisters who share in this fight along side of me. They may fight for their own health or like me fight for their child and or husband. They are beautiful women who's love knows no boundaries. We support each other with advise, encouraging words, chat about our families, compare notes and the best part is lots and lots of prayers! I am blessed that they have been placed in my life for such a time as this.
Tonight as I sit here thinking about these beautiful ladies, I am lifting up my girls Whitney and Megan in prayer. I ask you Lord to guide the hands of their surgeons. I ask that you protect them and comfort them every step of the way. Give them strength Father. I ask that your give them the best and quickest recovery - so much that their doctors and nurses know and see first hand that a higher power is in control. I pray that through this experience that those around them see You shinning through these beautiful girls. Lord, You made them and I know You can and will heal their bodies and help them to work supernaturally well after this surgery. I pray that they will get a huge amount of islets to transplant and that their livers will accept and flourish with these new cells. I ask that the peace that passes all understanding be over them and their families. I thank you for baring their sickness and carrying their pain and that they are never alone because You will be there very step of the way. Amen.