Monday, June 7, 2010

Things I've realized today include...

(img via weheartit)
  1. There's absolutely NO reason to freak out when your car breaks down.  It's either going to cost a ton and you're gonna have to cough it up to fix it or you just might be surprised to find out it was and easy fix for under 1 Benjamin. And it totally helps to have a SUPA RAD husband encouraging me while I drove our gigantic suv down the highway at 10 mph - cuz it's stuck in 4wd!
  2. When your grass is looking a bit less green than normal and your husband is busy "owning the night" in cop land, grab on the closest flip flops (which happen to be his), hike up your pretty floral sundress and fix the darn sprinkler system yourself.  HA! I'M HANDY TOO!
  3. Life is way too short -  SO-LIVE-IT-UP-FOOL!
  4. Family is always, always there for us.  And little sisters that put their perfect driving record on the line by letting her big bro and me pile way too many people in her car to get you home after your car break down - well they or shall I say "she" rocks.
  5. Paying kids a BIG allowance makes them work a whole lot harder.  My house is clean!
  6. After 10 years of staying home to raise my children, maybe it's time I joined the land of the working girls again.  Wait that makes me sound like a hooker doesn't it?  I SWEAR that's not the type of job I'll be getting. Moving on...
  7. Even after knowing this dude I refer to as POPO for 12 years, he never ceases to amaze me and remind me of why I married him.  
  8. Letting little girls put sticky notes on every door and room of the house is worth having to clean them up later just to see the smile on her face when I say "sure" to her doing so.
  9. When you pray and ask God for something in your life that is good and needed, He never lets you down. 
  10. Stepping out and doing something a little unexpected is a little bit nerve wracking but a whole lotta exciting!