Thursday, May 20, 2010

guest post today by Isaac

today i've asked my handsome husband to be my guest here on the blush by giving his answers  on this little questionnaire that i got from the lovely stephanie.   i'm fighting off a migraine and isn't it just like my sweet guy to jump in and help me out cuz I don't want to leave you without a little blush today.  I haven't read his answers yet and currently I'm holding my breath a little due to the fact that his sense of humor (which can be nice but is usally a bit naughty) will most definitely be making an appearance. And i'll be making any comments in pink as I read through this. Well it should be interesting.
 and without further ado...

The Macdaddypopo

what are your middle names?
     christine and allen
♥ how long have you been together?
     12 years
♥ how long did you know each other before you started dating?
    5 minutes
oh pa-lease honey, i totally played hard to get and it was at least 10 minutes
♥ who asked whom out?
    jill asked for my autograph so i take that as a come on
oh geeze... 
♥ where was your first date?
     back seat of my car. just kidding. i didn't have a car. our first date was over email
what did i tell y'all?  i'll go ahead and say we went to your concert and drove up in the mountains and 2 am to look at the city lights.
♥ how old are each of you?
     jill is (edit) and i am 31
♥ whose siblings do you see the most?
♥ do you have any children together?
     waiting for the dna tests... but i'm going to call it and say yes
ha ha ha!
♥ what about pets?
    we've gone through a ton. currently have two cats. we once had a cat that got poisoned by our neighbors and was bleeding and dipping stuff from it's eye sockets. it was really sad, but i couldn't put  it out of it's misery ourselves.... so we called animal control and said that we found a stray cat that looks sick and they came and took him away.  sniff sniff.  i got the neighbors back though. i peed in their flower bed.
that whole incident was supposed to stay in the "confidential file" honey...
♥ did you go to the same school?
♥ are you from the same home town?
♥ who is the smartest?
    me by far.  by faaaar. 
ummmm, it's true. why pretend.
♥ who is more sensitive?
    me by far.  by faaaar.
if you mean to milk products then yes, you are far more sensitive, faaaaar.
♥ where do you eat out most as a couple?
    sorry folks... this one had to go. don't ask
♥ where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
    new york when jill went on the rachel ray show
that was the trip of a lifetime!
♥ who has the craziest exes?
    haha. i thought it said "who has the craziest sex" at first.  funny.  (it would be me btw). as far as the answer to the question...  i'm going to have to plead the 5th on that one.
yep, the 5th...
♥ who has the worst temper?
    hahahaha do you really think i can answer that? she's sitting right beside me right now for pete's sake.
hold on for a sec... 
♥ who does the cooking?
    that would be jillian.  thank God. 

♥ who is more social?
    obama.  oh wait, you said "social" not "socialist".  i'd say we're both about the same.
♥ who is the neat-freak?
    i'll give you two guesses. hint: not me.
it's most definitely not him!
♥ who is more stubborn?
    that's a pretty even match
i don't agree and i'm not budging on this one...
♥ who hogs the bed?
    we both gravitate to the middle as the night goes on
mmmm hmmmm
♥ who wakes up earlier?
    depends on my work schedule!
♥ who has the bigger family?
    my dad is one of 14 kids so i'm going to say i do!
♥ do you get flowers often?
     no. but i get twizzlers and mini sweet tarts which is better
awe... glad you like 'em
♥ how do you spend the holidays?
     mad dash to try and visit everyone we can!
♥ who is more jealous?
     i'm going to say jillian! holy snap she's made it known that she will beat the crap out of any girl that would try to get with me ... and i believe she could do it...
hey i've only made one girl cry in 12 years. 
♥ how long did it take to get serious?
    after my second time seeing her it was a done deal for me.
signed, sealed and delivered I was his right from the start!

♥ who eats more?
♥ who does the laundry?
     i've done it a couple times.... i think i still remember how... 
♥ who’s better with the computer?
     jillian could be if she wanted to, but she doesn't like to deal with all that.  i get it set up for her so she can just use it hassle-free
and i appreciate that :)
♥ who drives when you are together?