Friday, April 30, 2010

answers... well, sorta

I have a little explanation but not really an answer for you all as to whats going on around these parts.  I've had a lot of questions about what in the heck yesterdays post is referring to and also the little secret project I've been working on since September came back up yesterday too.

Well here's the thing.  I'm busting at the seems to divulge every single detail about what's up but after  discussing (just moments ago) whether or not I should tell all with my husband, we came up with these conclusions.

When I tell all about something I am working on or towards...

1  ... I end up feeling in bondage about "said goal/project" and then end up resenting the "said goal/project" because it no longer becomes fun.

2 ... the pressure of the world sets in which can sometimes be a good thing but usually makes me feel overwhelmed and makes me want to quit. I hate quitting.

And also...

 I'm a "TA-DA" sort of girl.  I like to show my goal/project complete.

And so that makes me realize that I don't want to share every detail because then some of the sparkle's taken away for me.  And I fear failure if I lose the sparkle. Does that make sense?

  But what I can tell you is that yesterdays post totally refers to a fitness goal that I have set for myself and I will report soon on those results.  
As for the bigger news, well the best you can do it just encourage me and hopefully over the next few months I can divulge the nitty gritty goodness when I'm at a point where I'm confident to dish.

And no promises but I'll try not to be so tempting by dangling little secrets before in the future.