Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soon and very soon

This whole house adventure has truly put everything in my life on hold.  I am so looking forward
to getting back into the swing of things as well as trying my hand at some new stuff too.
One thing I have completely quit is 
Although I haven't worked out since vacation (October -yikes), I haven't gained a bit but I can tell I'm not as ripped as I would like to be.  So running and sculpting here I come. I've missed you old friend!

And of course (at least over the last week) my cooking has been a tad bit unusual for me. Can you say boring? GAG - I'm tired of pizza and tacos and chili and pasta salad. I am 
ready to create and invent and experient with all my favorite flavors. And I must make some
unusual form of homemade 
Would you believe that homemade ravioli is something 
I've yet to try my hand at?

And being a girl... I heart baths to the highest! And I have a new jacuzzi tub that I plan on spending a whole lotta time in.  Which makes me think it's time to create my own 
Have any of you made bath salts before?

And being so very busy makes me realize that I need some time with my friends. A handful of 
my ladies are kindly and patiently waiting for me to get my buns in gear and have some 
girl time but it's been difficult with all the packing.  So add to the list 
 making time in my life for 

I'm sure all of this will get back on track in the next couple weeks but I can't help
craving all the stuff I love and having the extra time to get a little creative.

(all pic via google images)