Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Read in the voice of Mary Alice

Jillian could hardly believe her eyes after moving to her lovely home in the middle of suburbia. She found herself wondering what on earth she could have done to deserve this lovely little life.  Her home was finally immaculate which was very different from the life she had just come from which kept her busy till the wee hours of the morning tending a cabin on 5 acres. 
She felt like she had been given a tiny slice of Heaven. Jillian enjoyed the fact that her home was way out in the country as she truly enjoyed keeping to herself. But she constantly had her eye out looking for just the right girls to befriend in her new neighborhood. 
How is it, she wondered, that you can move literally 10 minutes away and escape children having homework each night, cars zooming at way too fast of speeds and businesses around every corner.
Jillian wasn't sure exactly how all this had happened but she was determined that this new life was going to be fantastic.  You could not find a less desperate housewife, in fact her husband would describe her as a delightful housewife.